Could using genuine parts keep your Dodge running for longer?

July 30, 2015 12:28 am | Macarthur,, Peter Warren,

Do you own the Dodge Journey in Australia? As one of the few models of the famous marque sold in this country, it might be tempting to put your car in for a service at any old garage and hope for the best. Certainly, your local tradie down the street might be able to work his magic for a minute fee, but will your Dodge be better off for it?

Without the use of genuine parts, possibly not.

Why choose a Dodge dealership who uses genuine parts?

There are a multitude of reasons you should only use a service professional who utilises Dodge genuine parts for your car.

For starters, parts for cars can be compared to the organs of humans. When we receive a new 'part' during surgery, our body needs to accept it in order for no further damage to occur, namely rejection. This can cause significant health issues, and put the overall body in jeopardy. 

Cars have a similar situation. When manufactured, a Dodge is created using a range of specific parts to create the ultimate driving and performance experience. With modern Dodge's in particular, some of the technology in the car is highly advanced, and requires other parts to be functioning properly in order to do so as well. If you start replacing some of these genuine parts with inferior alternatives, they might not interact efficiently with the rest of the machine, causing loss of performance or further damage. If the wrong thing is replaced or tweaked incorrectly, you may also compromise the safety features of the Dodge.

This is why, when your Dodge Journey or other car from the marque needs to be serviced or repaired, you should pop to either Peter Warren or Macarthur Automotive in Sydney. Our technicians at both of these locations have been factory trained, meaning they are well versed in the requirements of a Dodge car. We also only use genuine parts for repairs, meaning your car will run at peak performance for years to come.