What makes the Range Rover Sport so distinctive?

July 31, 2015 10:32 pm | Macarthur, macarthurlandrover.com.au

There are few vehicles that combine comfort with the capability to handle challenging terrain quite as elegantly as the Range Rover. Land Rover's more refined family member, the Range Rover offers the possibility to tackle the great outdoors from within the luxury of its bespoke interior. 

It follows a long heritage of innovation since Maurice Wilks first dreamed up the idea for the original Land Rover back in 1947. 

Now one of the more recent incarnations, drivers can opt for the additional capabilities of the Range Rover Sport. 

What makes the Range Rover Sport different to other four-wheel-drives

Building on the success of the original Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport takes things to a whole new level with class-leading technology such as Terrain Response, which intelligently adjusts the settings for optimum performance both on on road and off. 

Range Rover's Incontrol system adds yet another layer of functionality with the ability to integrate dedicated apps, a Wi-Fi hotspot, an SOS calling operation and an attempted theft alert with your driving experience. 

Last, but certainly not least, you can't fail to notice the distinctive contours of the Range Rover Sport – painting a more streamlined, simplistic silhouette than its predecessors. 

Where can I take a Range Rover Sport for a test drive? 

Each of our Macarthur Automotive dealerships specialises in what they do, so when you come down to the Macarthur Land Rover dealership in Sydney, you know you're getting expert service. Located in Narellan, you can take your time getting to know the range, relying on our experienced Sales Department personnel to help guide you towards the best vehicle for you. 

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