What should you know before buying the Jaguar XJ?

July 30, 2015 12:24 am | Macarthur, macarthurjaguar.com.au, Sunshine, sunshinejaguar.com.au

Jaguar is a household name for families around the world. The company that started making motorbike sidecars in the 1920s is now synonymous with elegant, stylish and powerful sports cars. Who doesn't see the proud, shining big cat symbol on the front of one of these beauties and get a little excited? And who doesn't have the word 'Jag' in their lexicon of world-class car makes? 

The Jaguar XJ is the UK's answer to the premium luxury sedan market, and certainly impresses on first glance. So what should you know about this stunning piece of machinery? 

Which models are available?

There are two versions of the Jaguar XJ available to buy: standard wheelbase (SWB) and long wheelbase (LWB). These can then be broken down into the three separate models for each length. 

If you aren't in the market for a stretched car, take a look at the wonders held by the three SWB models. You could drive away with a Premium Luxury, XJ R-Sport or XJR model. The former is all about style and comfort, with the latter two models designed around adding extra excitement to driving this car.

As for the LWB models, Premium Luxury, XJ Portfolio and XJ Autobiography are the names of the game. The LWB models are more for those interested in style and personalisation, with the latter-two models offering unique options to enhance the Jaguar XJ experience.

How does it look?

If you were about to purchase a different car, don't look at the Jaguar XJ​, because once you see it you won't want any other. It's beauty is simply captivating, with sleek, muscular curves carved upon a low, wide stance – as if ready to pounce at any moment. 

Whether you choose LWB or SWB, everything about this car exudes the same primal dignity of its namesake wild cat, with powerful LED headlights for sparkling eyes and a bold grille for a face.

Open the doors and you'll be transported into a world of opulence, with large and inviting seats both in the front and rear. You'll find yourself surrounded by hand-crafted veneer panels as you rest into the twin-needle-stitched leather, styled in the colour of your choice. 

The front seats are fully adjustable, and the Jaguar XJ LWB Portfolio and Autobiography models come with in-built massage systems. In the back there are HD screens, with the armrest containing the latest multimedia technology.

What technology does the Jaguar XJ boast?

Before we get into the safety and luxury features of this mighty car, let's take a quick look under the hood. 

In standard-model SWB and LWB cars you'll find a 3.0-litre V6 engine with 220 kilowatts of power. This 8-speed engine can roar to a limited top speed of 250 kph in about 6.2 seconds, consuming around 5.7 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (an impressive figure for a powerful car). If you upgrade your model, you can get up to a 5.0-litre V8, which can leap to a limited 280 kph in about 4.6 seconds, thanks to its 404-kW engine. 

As for its safety, the modern Active Dynamics System will check your driving 500 times a second to keep you stable and in control, which is helped out by the stylish 8-speed Drive Selector's Dynamic Drive Control modes.

When the roads become slippery and you have to slow down, turn on Jaguar's own All Surface Progress Control system. This is a unique cruise control system for low speeds, allowing you to focus on steering. 

The Jaguar XJ comes with numerous other safety features, such as parking aid cameras and sensors for the dashboard touch screen panel, Adaptive Cruise Control, a Pedestrian Contact Sensing System and six airbags.