Why should you choose the Peugeot 4008 as your next SUV?

December 22, 2016 10:44 am | peterwarrenpeugeot.com.au

Are you in the market for a solid SUV, but don't want to settle for something boring? It's worth looking at French marques – there's nothing boring about those cars. Particularly, the Peugeot 4008 is a fabulous car that doesn't just look good, but it will do anything you need it to as well.

More than just a pretty face, the Peugeot 4008 is the marque's second attempt at an SUV, and it's a great one. When you get behind the wheel, you'll know just how much your family will love this car.

How does the Peugeot 4008 look?

As a mid-sized SUV, the Peugeot 4008 has a lot of competition from other marques. In Europe alone, there are over 10 other manufacturers that have similar cars on the market, so the Peugeot designers knew they needed something that stands out from the crowd to be successful.

A sloped front end starts the silhouette nicely, and the LED daytime running lights give it a bit of attitude around town. The grilles in the front make it look aggressive and powerful (which it is), so people looking for a cool town cruiser will be very happy with the Peugeot 4008.

From the rear, the brake lights are shaped like claws, raking out the back of the car. It's a unique design among today's cars, and gives it a lot of character from behind. From every angle, the car looks brilliant, and it'll turn heads in the streets.

What about on the inside?

It's all well and good to have an attractive car, but if it's not comfortable inside, it won't be much use to anyone. That's not the case with the Peugeot 4008.

Plenty of legroom and head room means people can stretch out and relax in any of the five seats without being cramped. Everywhere you look, there's leather, and matte silver accents, which gives the cabin a sophisticated feel. If you're on a long road trip, you'll be glad you chose to drive around in the Peugeot 4008.

To find out why the Peugeot 4008 could be the best car for your family, and all the adventures you want to go on, head into the Peter Warren Automotive Peugeot dealership in Sydney today. With stylish looks, a comfortable interior, and a typically reliable, fun French engine, there's a lot to love about this car.