Why is the Ford Escape one of the best SUVs on the market?

January 11, 2017 2:16 pm | peterwarrenford.com.au

Thinking about getting a new car, but don't know what to look for? If you don't currently own an SUV, it's about time you did. If you do have one, maybe it's time for a replacement. The Ford Escape is the car you've been looking for to fill that SUV-sized hole in your driveway.

For getting away on adventures or even just down to the beach, there's nothing better than a mid-sized crossover SUV. The Ford Escape has plenty to offer in terms of style, design, technology and performance, which makes it a front-runner to be your next car.

Don't believe us? Read on to find out just how great the Ford Escape is.

What powers the Ford Escape?

Ford is renowned for its reliable engines, and the one in the Ford Escape is no different. There are two different variants in this car – the 1.5-litre EcoBoost and the 2.0-litre EcoBoost. Both are turbocharged, and feature an automatic start-stop function which turns the engine off when the car is stopped, and turns it back on when you accelerate, so you save fuel around town.

The larger block pumps out 178 kilowatts of power and 345 Nm of torque, so you can get anywhere you want to go around Australia. The smaller engine throws down 134 kilowatts of power and 240 Nm of torque, which isn't as good for towing a boat or a large trailer, but much more economical around town or the suburbs when you don't require the extra torque.

Whatever you need the Ford Escape to do, there's an engine that's more suitable for it.

Whatever you need the Ford Escape to do, there's an engine that's more suited to it. Figure out what you want to do with your new SUV, and select the most appropriate engine for it. There's no point going for the more powerful motor if you don't need it!

How comfortable is the cabin?

The Ford Escape isn't just any old car with a bunch of bits thrown together – the designers wanted to make sure it made people feel right at home wherever they were going, and no matter how long they were spending inside. The Ford Sync system allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and play music, take and make calls safely, and even connect through music streaming apps such as Spotify. If you're adventuring around Australia, and want to enjoy your favourite tunes, you can, and it's easy to set up.

Using Ford's clever MyKey system, you can limit how loud the music can be, even when you're not the one driving. If your kids decide to borrow the car for a trip to the beach, and you don't want them to hoon around and get distracted by loud music, you can set limits for music volume and even top speed. You can rest assured they won't be speeding when you aren't supervising, which is sure to be a weight off your shoulders.

Plenty of leg and head room inside makes for a comfortable trip for up to five large adults, and there are lots of features for the driver to enjoy, including an electronic parking brake and a blind-spot information system. There's even a parking assist system, so you don't scrape cars in tight supermarket spots, and neither will your kids!

If you're after a cool, versatile and capable SUV, the Ford Escape might be right up your alley. To see if it is, make sure you head into the Peter Warren Automotive Ford dealership in Sydney for a test drive today. Until you do, you won't know what you've been missing out on.