Why is the Nissan Navara ST-X such a great workhorse?

November 7, 2017 7:25 am | chatswoodnissan.com.au

Have you been looking around for a new workhorse vehicle you can use at home and in your business? Utes are considered a great option for both because they're powerful, sturdy, can carry a lot of gear in the tray and have great towing capacity. They're a great option for trade workers and anyone who needs to carry large pieces of equipment regularly. Utes are also fantastic for chucking in all of your family's luggage and hitting the road for a beach holiday in the summer.

There are few utes as capable and comfortable as the Nissan Navara ST-X. It's big and stylish with a massive carrying capacity, but it still feels like a car in the cabin so all of your passengers will be happy on road trips. Perfect for any fussy commuters/nagging teenagers on the school run.

What powers the Nissan Navara ST-X?

One of the most impressive features on the Nissan Navara ST-X is the fuel economy. For a big vehicle with a powerful engine, it isn't thirsty. The 2.3-litre twin-turbo block produces 140 kilowatts of power and 450 Nm of torque, so towing anything under 3,500 kilograms won't be an issue.

One large and one small turbo combine to deliver power and torque at low revs, keeping the engine moving efficiently through the gears without any dead space. This means fuel waste is cut down significantly, which results in the impressive fuel consumption of 7 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. That's a combined figure, but in an urban setting you won't go far over that.

What's the Nissan Navara ST-X like inside?

This is an excellent machine from the outside, but it stands up to the harshest critics inside as well. Five leather-accented seats with eight-way adjustable front seats keep passengers happy on long drives, and six speakers around the cabin produce a crisp sound so your favourite tunes will always be delivered in great quality.

Dual-zone climate control, push-button ignition and keyless entry, plus Bluetooth phone connectivity are all standard on the Nissan Navara ST-X. You won't be left wanting by this capable workhorse ute.

See for yourself how impressive this machine is by taking one for a test drive at the Sydney North Shore Automotive Nissan dealership in Sydney today. It combines city cruising with work site hauling better than most vehicles on the market.