Fiat 500C S: The legendary Italian city car is back

July 26, 2018 1:49 pm | Peter Warren,,

Cinquecento in Italian or 500 in English, refers to a period from 1500 to 1599 when Italy came alive and evolved. During this renaissance the basis of famous Italian culture as we know it today was formed.

We jumped in the retro drivers seat of our very own Fiat 500C S to see if it lives up to its name. 

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Same iconic look

The Fiat 500C S still looks unlike any other car on the road. Its distinct circular headlights and truncated hood give it a cute bug-like appearance. Silver grill bars adorn the car's front, hinting that despite its whimsical design the Fiat 500C S means business. 

The interior of the car follows form, with modern design and luxuries presented in charmingly retro fashion. 

More sunlight 

With the press of the button the car's roof folds back, letting sunshine stream into the car. The soft top comes in either red or beige, so you can customise the look to suit your unique taste. With the top down you're open to the sights, smells and sounds of the city.

It's a driving experience that's relaxing and exciting at once. 

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More luxury

There's countless options for customising the look and feel of the car's interior. We love the charming retro Vinile trim available for the seats. The beige leather dash and detailing looks attractive and premium.

We're also impressed by how the dash incorporates high-tech features without sacrificing the minimalist retro style the car pulls off so well. 

More high-tech features

The car's retro look is deceiving. The cabin is packed with high tech features rarely seen in cars in the Fiat 500C S's class. A touch screen set into the dash is easily synced with Apple and Android phones via Bluetooth, allowing you to play music, receive messages and calls and get directions without taking your eyes off the road.

Using the screen you can keep in touch with friends on Facebook and Twitter, check the latest news headlines and even monitor the car's fuel consumption using its eco:Drive features. Using MOPAR CONNECT you can sync your smartphone to your car so that you can locate your car, and check whether your doors are locked remotely. 

The Fiat 500C S is still retro and unique, but it's now luxurious and high tech to boot. Experience the car from the driver's seat and drop in to Peter Warren Fiat in Warwick Farm today.