Introduce yourself to the all new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

October 3, 2018 8:19 am |

Known for luxury, Mercedes-Benz has taken it to another level with the all new A-class. With an almost human feel to it feel free to say hello, watching how the car learns and responds to you. Personalising itself for your comfort, right down to knowing your favourite songs, you'll never want to walk away.

Feel good on the inside

Everything about the A-class has been revamped, but it shows the most in the luxurious interior.

Say goodbye to the dashboard you are used to, and welcome in the new revolution … or do we mean resolution? A widescreen digital floating dash adds the 'wow factor' to a beautiful and comfortable cabin. Positioned in your line of vision when your head's up, it allows you to access the information you need without pulling your gaze away from the road. Adapt how it is displayed to suit your preferences, and your car will remember for the future.

You can control this multimedia system in a myriad of ways. Easy-to-use thumb controllers give you access from the steering wheel. In the centre console, a touch-pad is accessible by both driver and passengers, and the right side of the display itself is a touch screen. Pinch, zoom, and scroll away to your heart's content.

With a wrap-around feel to the interior, the luxury speaks more of a pared-back lounge than a car.

'Hey Mercedes!'

Talk to your car in a whole new way with the Mercedes-Benz voice-controlled interface. Input sat-nav directions, set the mood with the ambient lighting at night (you have 64 colours to choose from), and change the radio, all by saying hello.

Watch it learn as you drive. From your favourite radio station at a certain time of the day, to automatically calculating the best way to work factoring in daily traffic, this car will adapt to you.

The driving experience

Refined and smooth for the suburban setting, it will also eat away at the kilometers on a motorway, without putting you out of sorts with road noise. And with comfort suspension you'll be hugging the tarmac as you cruise.

The Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive will keep you safe, doing everything from regulating the distance from the vehicle in front, assisting breaking, blind-spot monitoring, to lane change warnings. Take some of the stress off while driving, knowing that your car has your back.

The new Mercedes-Benz A-class is a more dignified driving experience.

Feeling the need to try it out yourself? Come on down to the Macarthur Automotive Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sydney and get to know this car.