Why was the Toyota Hilux Australia’s best selling car in 2017?

October 31, 2018 2:16 pm |

Over 2016 and 2017, Australians bought more Toyota Hiluxes than any other vehicle – a total of 47,093 during 2017 alone. We jumped into the driver's seat of our own Toyota Hilux to try and find out why this rough, tough ute consistently outsells every other vehicle in Australia. 

Tougher than any terrain

Each of these hardy utes is built on an ultra-strong steel frame, featuring hundreds of spot welds to deliver a tough and uncompromising foundation. Towbars come standard on every model, with manual models delivering up to 3,500 kg of towing power and automatic models offering 3,200 kg. You're gonna need a bigger boat. 

Its state of the art suspension and class-leading power means that regardless of what terrain you're riding, this ute can handle it. We're particularly keen on the rugged editions of the Hilux, which features a sports bar over the tray, a winch compatible bullbar, snorkel, front and rear recovery points and heavy duty rockrails. These utes are built for thrashing. 

Packed with technology

Toyota's commitment to excellence means that the Hilux has huge offroad capability – it's also packed with advanced technology. Its LED headlamps offer superior brightness for offroad adventures, plus a reversing camera and USB charging ports come standard. 

Automatic climate control in SR models will keep you cool, while satellite navigation will make sure you don't get lost no matter where you end up. 

Advanced safety features

If you're going to handle rough terrain in your ute, you're going to need safety features to match. The Toyota Hilux doesn't skimp on these details, boasting trailer sway control to keep your load in line when cornering at speed, or in windy weather. The system uses brake and acceleration control to stop your trailer from swerving behind you.

There are also seven airbags, an anti-lock braking system and vehicle stability control to keep you upright when you're scaling steep terrain. 

Brimming with torque and power

Regardless of all the refinements Toyota has included in this ute, it wouldn't be worth the tyres it sits on if it wasn't brimming with power. Toyota has been generous with the Hilux, strapping capable engines into every model. 

The 2.8 litre variant is available in automatic or manual, and boasts an impressive 450 Nm of torque and 130 kW of power. The engine is tuned to deliver the highest possible torque at the lowest RPMs, meaning the drive is always smooth even if you're towing three tonnes of boat.

A model to suit any driver

One of the most compelling reasons why the Hilux sells better than any other vehicle in Australia is simple – choice. There are six completely different versions of the ute to pick from, including:

  • Workmate: entry-level version featuring a single cab and an alloy tray. 
  • SR: a more refined Hilux experience, available in single or double cab. 
  • SR5: packed with technology and premium features, suitable for any situation. 
  • Rogue: a more refined version of the SR5, featuring even more luxury and capability. 
  • Rugged: adapted for rugged conditions.
  • Rugged X: the most capable and offroad-ready of all Toyota Hiluxes. A true beast. 

If you're keen on experiencing Australia's favourite ute for yourself, drop into Peter Warren Toyota in Warwick Farm today to get behind the wheel.