Get a taste of cinematic history with the Ford Mustang Bullitt

November 8, 2018 3:02 pm |

Cinematic history, created in 10 minutes and 53 seconds. A car chase like no other, and the Mustang became a legend. Fifty years later, Ford has released an anniversary edition celebrating this icon and its driver. Welcome to the Ford Mustang Bullitt

The story behind the car – why the Ford Mustang Bullitt is an icon

Back in 1968, Steve McQueen featured in a movie called Bullitt. Acting as the cool, competent Detective Frank Bullitt, he hunts for the truth behind the murder of a mob informant on San Francisco's streets. The suspense builds, Bullitt's steely blue gaze makes you wish you could pull off something half so impressive, and then the chase scene begins…

A green 1968 Mustang against a black 1968 Dodge Charger. The harsh, throaty revs of the engines, the screech of tyres against tarmac, the smoke billowing behind. Dodger hubcaps are lost, but not Frank Bullitt's cool.  Without breaking a sweat he shifts through the gears with the cue-ball gear knob and catches air while racing down the roads of San Francisco. 

It sets your heart pumping. The filmmaking is thrilling and visceral, one of the first car chasing scenes shot at real speed in the actual locations. With it, Bullitt and the Ford Mustang go down in the history books.

Paying homage to the original Bullitt car

Ford have taken their responsibility seriously when crafting this 50th-anniversary edition of the famous vehicle. 'Half-hearted' aren't words that anyone could apply to the work they've done in building something that pays homage to the movie and its fans. 

From the Bullitt badge on the boot and steering wheel to the black grille at the front lacking its pony emblem, you'll find the attention to detail you're looking for. Dark Highland green paint matches the original, and a chrome trim accents the windows and grille. Inside boasts a black interior accentuated with green stitching on the seats, and it's only available with a six-speed manual transmission. Shift through them with the classic white cue-ball gear knob.

As for that throaty, crackling growl that even now echoes through your memory, raising the hairs on your arms? Using a four-mode Active Valve Exhaust, you'll hear it for yourself. You'll end up dreaming of it. When friends and family accuse you of looking for every opportunity to indulge in that grumble, you won't even bother to deny it.  

Bringing the modern touch to a classic

This car is more than just a replica, or a movie adaption of the Ford Mustang GT which was used as its starting point. Instead, it's a powerful and brawny vehicle that connects you to something that so many cars have lost along the way, peeling back the layers of electronics to the rawness beneath. 

Fitted with a 5.0-litre V8 engine and producing 345 kW of power and 556 Nm of torque, it packs a punch. Torq Thrust-style 19-inch alloy wheels come with red painted Brembo brakes. On the inside, 1968 wouldn't know what to make of the technology. A premium 1000-watt, 12-speaker sound system awaits, as well as Sat-Nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone capabilities. 

Being a limited edition, each vehicle sold is unique and, on the passenger side dashboard, you'll find a plaque with an individual number on it. 

Sometimes, you just have to relive the legend. Or better yet, experience it for yourself. If you want to get a taste of what it would be like, driving a car that made cinematic history, get in touch with the Peter Warren Automotive Ford dealership in Warwick Farm today.