Mercedes-Benz still leads the way with their all new CLS Coupe

November 26, 2018 7:56 pm |

When Mercedes-Benz decided there was space in the automobile world for a car that crossed a coupe and a saloon, originally they were the only ones. However, it didn't take long for other marques to realise that Mercedes-Benz was onto something good with their CLS Coupe.

Despite the competition, we think that the all new Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe still leads the way. 

The sleek and stylish Mercedes-Benz CLS 

First glances at this car and you'll find yourself oddly intrigued and satisfied. There's something about the smooth, flowing lines that draws the eye and appeases the soul. The roof tapers down in a curve to the boot that you'll want to run your hand down in appreciation. Even the headlights merge perfectly into the sleek contours, and the feeling of low-slung power sits in the broad shoulders of the vehicle. Slim windows finish the picture.

Mercedes-Benz has based the CLS on their E-Class, using the same platform with a few modifications. They've lengthened it by about 20mm to 5m long, and the whole vehicle sits at only 1.4m tall. It's wider across than up, with the width being 1.9m. 

Slip into the full experience

As sleek as it is on the outside, you'll suffer no disappointment slipping into the cabin. Ambient lighting greets you, and you have a choice of 64 colours to scroll through or 10 preset options that create a specific colour aura for you to enjoy. One touch that you can't help but enjoy is watching the air vents' colour change when turning up the heat, as they adjust to match the temperature. 

On the dashboard, you'll find two 12.3-inch screens, one containing digital driver's instruments, the other dedicated to infotainment. Live traffic updates, 3D mapping, and 360-degree cameras are all part of the deal. 

However, one of the things that make the inside environment so great is the six different moods you can choose from, all at the touch of a button. While this could come across gimmicky, Mercedes-Benz has hit the nail on the head with how they've integrated it.

Depending on the equipment you choose to include in your Mercedes-Benz CLS, these settings link several factors together to create an overall atmosphere. All are designed to boost well-being and performance on your journey. From massage functions, air conditioning adjustments, and lighting changes, to choosing music with the right beats-per-minute for the mood chosen or audible courses for mindfulness and muscle repair, comfort control is an all-round experience. 

If you've opted in for the Air-Balance package, the comfort control settings can even subtly influence the fragrance of the car to better reinforce the atmosphere you're looking for. 

With the contoured and plush seats to seal the deal, the Mercedes-Benz CLS delivers an experience as stylish as its appearance. 

Boldly safe

Mercedes-Benz has not been stingy with its safety features for the CLS Coupe. Employing their 'Intelligent Drive' active features, they've made sure you're in safe hands, or wheels as the case may be. The raft of components is seriously impressive, and are among some of the best offered by Mercedes-Benz. 

Taking it out onto the road you'll find it a pleasure to drive. As with everything about this car, it's a smooth affair, from the stability and balance you feel behind the steering wheel, to the easy steering. Air suspension polishes out potholes, and road noise is limited. 

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is a sensuous affair and one that's hard to resist. If you'd like to experience it yourself, head down to Peter Warren Automotive's Mercedes-Benz dealership in Warwick today.