3 station wagons that are perfect for summer road trips

December 14, 2018 1:47 pm | Peter Warren

Summer's is here. Now that the glorious sunny season has arrived most of Sydney's city-dwellers are flocking to remote beaches and coastlines all over the country to soak in the good weather and holiday vibes. Exciting as that prospect is, remember – a road trip to the beach isn't nearly as much fun if you're not driving the right car.

We love station wagons for summer adventures – they've got plenty room for gear, spare seats for tag-alongs and most even have sunroofs if you want to feel the breeze. Here are our three favourites to get you started. 

Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate

For those who would prefer luxury as they explore Australia's endless coastal roads, the Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate is your best option. The AMG C-63 Estate model is an absolute beast, with a rumbling 502 hp, 700 Nm power plant hiding under its hood. Plenty to tow the boat or lug your beach gear anywhere.

The premium sound system, climate control and several other luxurious features can be controlled with your voice or a smart phone, so that your holiday driving is as easy and relaxed as possible.

Toyota Prius V

If you're planning a lengthy road trip you can't go past the 7-seater Toyota Prius V. It's got everything you'd expect from a Toyota including: class-leading reliability, spacious interior and comfortable seating, reconfigurable seating positions so that you can fit all your gear in the back and several high tech safety features. 

What really impresses about this car, however, is its impressive fuel economy. With seven people in the car it'll only use 4.4 litres per 100km thanks to its ground breaking 1.8 litre Hybrid Synergy Drive engine. Safety features like autonomous emergency braking and vehicle stability control don't hurt either!

Volvo V90 Cross Country

The Volvo V90 Cross Country has been designed around people. Every inch of the car is purposed to make your drive as comfortable as possible from the ergonomically designed leather seats to the quad climate control system and keyless entry system. 

You could do a lot worse this summer than spending long days eating up coastal roads in these beauties. To get behind the wheel of a car that's perfect for your next summer road trip drop into your nearest Peter Warren dealership today.