3 super affordable cars that are a thrill to drive

January 16, 2019 12:29 pm | Peter Warren, peterwarrengroup.com.au, peterwarrenhyundai.com.au, peterwarrensuzuki.com.au, peterwarrentoyota.com.au

You don't have to be rich to drive a car that makes your knuckles turn white and forces a smile across your face when you take off from the traffic lights. The pleasures of driving an overpowered, finely tuned race car for the road are affordable for almost everyone. 

With that in mind, we've come up with three cars that are thrilling to drive and affordable at the same time. 

Suzuki Swift Sport

The Suzuki Swift is a miniature pocket rocket that has been winning awards all over the world since it was unleashed in 2018. It's packing just over 130 hp under it's small sloping hood, which wouldn't be much if it wasn't light as a feather at just 970 kg. 

Suzuki have reportedly designed the car to put the wheels as close to corners as possible, as well as stiffening the suspension and tightening up the six-speed manual transmission. This makes the car a blast to drive whether you're accelerating in a straight line or throwing it around corners. All this for well under $30,000.

Hyundai i30N

If you're willing to spend a bit more (closer to $45,000) you can pick up the Hyundai i30N. The car's small stature hides a four cylinder powerplant and a turbocharger that growls with and impressive 270 hp and 353 Nm of torque.

Wheels Mag clearly agrees with us, describing the car in a review in early 2018: "Not just a great effort for a company that's never done a hot hatch before – it's a segment leader in almost every respect."

Toyota 86 GT Manual

The experience of driving the Toyota 86 GT Manual has been likened to sitting behind the wheel of a lighter, more agile Porsche 911. Unsurprisingly this has made it one our personal favourites and one of the most thrilling and affordable driving experiences on the market. 

The centre of gravity in this thing is insanely low, and the 6-speed manual transmission makes you feel connected to the car. This makes the Toyota 86 GT the ideal drivers car, aimed at those who enjoy tight corners and fast shifting. For under $36,000 brand new, drive-away, you can experience it for yourself. 

Get behind the drivers wheel of one of these affordable pocket rockets today by dropping into your nearest Peter Warren dealership for a test drive.