New Ford Endura: Luxury without the price tag

February 5, 2019 12:38 pm | Peter Warren,

Ford's SUV range has slowly improved over the last 10 years to become one of the most impressive in Australia. We love the affordable and efficient Ecosport as well as the spacious and capable Everest – but we have a new favourite. 

The American marque have just released the 2019 Ford Endura, a mid-sized luxury SUV boasting high tech features, a fun driving experience and attractive European design. We got behind the wheel of one to find out more. 

Power to do more

SUVs can have all the bells and whistles but if they're not powerful it's all for nothing. Luckily the Ford Endura is strapped to a generous 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that turns over an impressive 187 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

That power allows the Ford Endura to tow 2,000 kg – enough to pull most small boats or trailers easily. More importantly this power means the Endura can handle offroad terrain with ease, with an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission smoothly harnessing the power of the engine. 

Technology and luxury for a better drive

Our favourite feature about the Ford Endura might just be its luxurious cabin and advanced technology. You'll be comfortable as soon as you hop in thanks to 10-way power seats with lumbar support and in-seat heating and cooling for the driver and passenger on ST and Titanium models. 

The eight-inch colour touch  screen in the dash makes controlling temperature, communication apps and entertainment in the cabin easy with voice control functionality. Simply ask the car to turn the air  con up if the hot Sydney summer is getting to you and you'll feel cool air blast. 

Active noise control is an equally impressive feature. Inspired by noise cancelling headphones, this technology uses highly sensitive microphones to detect and measure unwanted noise, then emit opposing sound waves to cancel it out. Even when there's potholes in the road you won't hear a thing. 

Adaptive cruise control makes your trip more comfortable, allowing you to set a speed and maintain your following distance from the car in front. If the traffic slows, so does the Endura, but when it speeds up again the car will return to your preferred speed. 

Features for a safer journey

Ford has always been known for producing safe cars and the Endura is no exception. All previous models have received five stars from the Australia New Car Testing Program, the highest rating that the organisation gives. 

There are a hundred reasons why the Ford Endura is so safe but a few of the most impressive include:

  • Autonomous emergency braking detects oncoming obstacles using radar and camera technology then applies the brakes and steering assist automatically to help avoid a collision. 
  • Seven airbags including driver, passenger and side curtain bags. 
  • A lane keeping system that senses your direction and brings you back into your lane using automatic steering inputs. 

These are features that you hope you never need but can be life savers if you do.

To experience the Ford Endura from the driver's seat, drop in to Peter Warren Ford in Warwick Farm for a test drive soon.