6 reasons it’s important to wash your vehicle often

September 18, 2019 2:08 am | Peter Warren

Everyone understands the importance of vehicle maintenance in ensuring you stay safe and keep your vehicle going strong for years to come. One important but often overlooked aspect of that maintenance, however, is the car wash. Whether you're paying to go through an automated system or setting aside a few hours on the weekend, the cost in terms of either money or time can seem inconvenient – or simply not worth it.

But there are actually plenty of reasons why washing your car at least a few times a month is a must to ensure it's in great shape as you put another 100,000 kilometres on it. That includes the following:

1) Protecting the paint

The most obvious reason to wash your vehicle is that the accumulated impact of a few months' worth of mud, dirt and rain can be more damaging than you might expect. That's because there are so many chemicals in the atmosphere or used in road maintenance that every bit of buildup may have compounds in it that can start to increase impurities and damage your paint job.

As such, a regular wash is key, but so too is making an effort to clear off the vehicle soon after you run through a muddy or dirty patch of road.

2) Preventing rust

It's not just the paint job you're trying to protect when you wash your vehicle, it's the metal underneath it as well. While the previously mentioned buildup can eat away at your paint, part of that veneer's purpose is to keep water and other corrosive materials away from the metal. Dirt on vehicles are more likely to expose the steel around your wheels and along the edges of your doors, leading to rust that can be difficult or impossible to repair.

3) Ensuring safety

If you let gunk and grime accumulate on your vehicle, you also put yourself – and other drivers – at greater risk of an accident. It's simply not as easy to see what's going on around you with a dirty mirror, window or windshield, and that lack of visibility can lead to an crash. Clearing off that buildup is a must to ensure you have as much of your surroundings clearly visible at all times.

4) Maintaining efficiency

Dirt makes your vehicle less aerodynamic than it otherwise should be.

For that reason alone, if you want to make sure you're getting the most out of every litre of fuel, it's important to keep the vehicle clean. In that way, you could consider every car wash a money-saving venture.

5) Ensuring a higher value

Let's face it: When you see a vehicle drive down the street, you probably don't think much of it. That's also true for auto dealers when you bring a dirty vehicle onto the lot for a trade-in. Not only will all the above damage do a number on the resale price, but so too will any dirt or mud you haven't washed off before heading to the dealership.

When you're trying to buy a new or preowned vehicle, you definitely want to maximize your trade-in value, so a trip through the car wash before you arrive is a must.

6) Keeping it on the road longer

Generally speaking, if you're putting some effort into keeping your vehicle clean, you might also be pretty attentive to its other needs. As such, getting into the habit of this and other regular maintenance helps put you in the right mindset for proper car care overall.

When it does come time to make a new purchase, however, get in touch with the experts at Peter Warren Automotive.