4 Tips To Ensure That You’re Buying a High-Quality Used Car

January 25, 2020 3:43 am | Peter Warren

In the hunt for a pre-owned car? While going the used route almost always means that your dollar goes further, there are also more variables to consider. In addition to thinking about price, ensuring that every part is still in top shape is essential. You want a car that will run for years to come, just like you would expect from a new vehicle. Keep these four things in mind to ensure you're doing your search the right way:

Only work with a trusted dealership

While individual sellers may offer unbelievable prices, there are many risks involved and no oversight. Going to a dealership gives you a wider selection of options, as well as a better guarantee of quality. Talk to your family and friends or do online research to ensure that your dealer has an established reputation of selling reliable vehicles.

Get the history report

History reports are a great way to get an idea where your vehicle has been and to search for any potential issues that may cost you down the road. If your dealer doesn't have one available, be sure to get the VIN number from them to run your own check online. Some of the information that the history report contains include previous owners, accidents, and other damage caused by issues like flooding and fire.

Take the car for spin

While test driving a vehicle won't reveal any potential long-term problems, it will give you a good sense of what you're working with. Test driving also gives you an opportunity to check extra features in the car, such as the dashboard technology and air conditioning, and make sure that it is good to go.

Get a second opinion

If you've found a car that seems to be right for you and is in your price range, have a trusted, independent mechanic take a look at the car to make sure that there are no issues that might not have been clear to you. While it will cost a little extra, the inspection will hopefully save you from buying a car with major issues. If your dealer refuses to let you have the car inspected before purchase, you should absolutely not buy from them.

While due diligence is required any time that you're buying a car, it's especially important for used cars. Take your time making decisions and consider all of your options carefully. Just a little extra work will save you time and money down the road.