Top 5 reasons to buy a ute

March 20, 2020 6:57 am | Peter Warren

The ute is known the world over for its sport-utility prowess and sedan-like comfort – so it’s no surprise we Aussies have taken to it. While its history may be somewhat muddled, the future of this sport utility vehicle looks bright.

The history of this Australian standard actually begins in the U.S. Though the discrepancies are wide, the true ownership of its creation comes down to verbiage. The story of a Gippsland farmer’s wife looking for a car to “drive to church on Sunday that can also take the pigs to market on Monday” has made its way through the annals of history. And though Ford Australia would put this vehicle type into production in 1934, the designer, Lew Bandt, would not get the credit for its creation due to a couple of little words.

The original definition of this “utility” vehicle was different from a light truck in that its bodywork continued in what they called “an unbroken line from the front to the back of the cabin.” The light truck models, by contrast, separate this line. By this definition, most modern-day utes aren’t the classic utility defined back at in the mid-30s and 40s.

Though the traditional ute is no longer produced in-country the vehicle is very much a part of our national identity and always near the top of Australia’s “most popular cars” lists. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons to jump into a ute!


As their name implies, utes can get us where we need to go. 4 x 4 utes are the backbone of the outback’s workforce and can mean the difference between getting there and getting stuck. Most are equipped with bigger wheelbases and wider turning circles enabling them to traverse even the most difficult terrain. Recently, surveyed more than 800 businesses and private customers to see what the top 10 new and used commercial utes are. The results show resounding support for models from Toyota and Ford.

Fuel efficiency

This one might surprise you but with the ute being used more and more and the political turmoil in gas-rich nations escalating fuel efficiency has never been more important. In fact, after safety, many see fuel economy as the next most important factor when buying a car. Take the Ford Ranger XL single cab chassis 4 x 2, which features a fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km and an 80-litre fuel tank. For the towing capability an XL can provide, that fuel economy is not too shabby.


There is a ute for everyone. From Australia’s best-selling ute for the past 17 years, the Toyota Hilux, to the Holden Commodore, this class of car truly has it all. It’s not hard to see how popular the Hilux is, with its off-road and towing capabilities. On the other end of the coin, you’ve got the Holden that puts a premium on comfort and great road handling as well as the option of the powerful V8 engine. So whether you’re looking for a workhorse or a comfortable sedan, the ute is a great place to start.


This aspect of the ute car guide must take into account what you’re getting for what you’d pay. The bang for your buck is greater with utes as their features are something that tradies and general consumers alike depend on. Towing capability and cab size are just two of the features that are integral to many of our ute cases and with even the newest utes coming in at less than $50,000 AUS these features are things that often pay for themselves.

Ideal for every driver

Whether you’re looking to snag the hottest ute on the market or hoping to find a used model for basic travel this class of cars has a model for every lifestyle. The uses for this vehicle class are endless, encompass everything from the citygoing professional to the bushwhacking weekender. Additionally, most models now feature things like backup cameras and comfortable interiors as standard offerings.

The ute has made its mark on the Australian culture landscape, becoming a symbol for the nation and an integral part of our day to day lives. Australia’s legendary wildlife expert and conservationist Steve Irwin was such a loyal ute user that his car was even featured in his memorial. In fact, his son Robert is even learning to drive with his later father’s vehicle. It’s the type of car that is passed from father to son and family to family.

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