What should I know before buying a new car in Sydney?

September 1, 2015 5:40 pm | Macarthur, Peter Warren, peterwarrengroup.com.au

Though we'd all love to be able to spend on any old car we like the look of without consequence, the chances are more likely that buying a new car will be a carefully thought out investment for you and your family.

Considering the importance of this purchase, what should you be considering before you seal the deal on a new car?

What should I know before I buy a new car in Sydney?

One of the first steps is to know your price range. This could be based on what you already have saved up, or a combination of both your savings and a finance plan. There are many available, and a number of these could be a great way for you to get into your new car sooner rather than later.

Another option for helping with the price of a vehicle is to trade in your old car to get a discount on the new one. Used car sales are a big part of the Sydney market, so dealers are always on the lookout for a bargain of their own.

However, all of this is for naught if you don't have your eye on a particular car. Ensure you visit reputed car dealers in Sydney to ensure you are talking to a name you can trust, who'll have a good selection of new vehicles to browse.

Should I choose Peter Warren or Macarthur Automotive for my new car?

For all of the above points and then some, choose either Peter Warren or Macarthur Automotive, located in Warwick Farm and Narellan respectively.

We have a number of different departments that are able to help you at different stages of your car buying journey. Our Finance professionals will be able to set you up with a package that suits your exact needs, while the Sales Department can introduce you to a wide range of cars. Across our many dealerships, we can supply marques anywhere from Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz to Toyota, Ford and almost everything in between.