Why are genuine parts important for my Alfa Romeo?

September 1, 2015 5:45 pm | Peter Warren, peterwarrenfiatalfa.com.au/

We've all been there: Strapped for cash and, due to Murphy's Law, the car has broken down and needs a part replaced. 

Budgetary instinct will likely tell you to go to your nearest local service provider and get the cheapest thing on the menu, but this could be harmful for your car in the long run. So what's the alternative?

Why are genuine Alfa Romeo parts important?

Alfa Romeo has been a marque associated with contemporary, stylish cars for a long time. Indeed, every new model under this name is decked to the nines in modern technology, be it for performance, safety or simply comfort.

For example, the Alfa DNA system found in a model such as the Alfa Romeo Mito is a unique driving selector designed for this brand especially. It's tuned into the entire car, able to adapt the brakes, steering, suspension, gearbox, accelerator and even the engine itself to the conditions you set.

In other words, this unique piece of car gadgetry, in addition to the many other facets of an Alfa Romeo, is an important piece of equipment that simply cannot be allowed to become run down and replaced with inferior pieces.

Where can I get Alfa Romeo genuine parts in my regular service?

Go to any old workshop if you want a hasty, potentially poor-quality job. Come to Peter Warren Fiat Alfa Romeo if you need an in-depth, excellent experience (with a coffee to boot) – our factory-trained technicians are here to help you.

As we are an authorised Alfa Romeo dealership, we are able to easily source genuine parts to replace anything that is necessary, meaning we can keep your car as whole as the day you bought it. 

Plus, we have a cafe on-site with free Wi-Fi, so you don't have to sit in a chair twiddling your thumbs while you wait.