Why is the Volkswagen Passat Wagon such a success with families?

February 21, 2017 2:02 pm | http://www.bathurstvw.com.au/

Are you in the market for a new station wagon? If so, you'll likely have come across the Volkswagen Passat Wagon – it's luxury, it's elegant, and it's versatile. You'll look just at home heading to the ski fields in this car as you would if you were commuting in the concrete jungle.

Your lifestyle might cry out for a versatile car, and if you're buying a family vehicle, you'll need something practical. If you haven't already considered the Volkswagen Passat Wagon, you should.

What does the car look like?

For aesthetically pleasing cars, German manufacturers are a safe bet. A long wheelbase gives this car strong road presence, while short overhangs at the front and rear mean it has an aggressive stance. The large grille on the front of the Volkswagen Passat Wagon is distinctive, and from a distance, car enthusiasts will know what's coming toward them – a brilliantly engineered vehicle.

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It's sleek and low to the ground, so you can slink through the city streets as subtly as you'd like. You can let the engine rip on the open road and feel the performance of the car too – although that won't take anything away from the comfort of the cabin.

How luxurious is the interior?

Inside the car, as you'd expect based on the exterior, comfort and style are key. For one thing, you can get keyless entry and keyless start on some models. When you're within 1.5 metres of the car your key will communicate with the locking system. When you pull the handle, it will automatically unlock. No more fumbling around for your keys in your bag or pocket!

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You don't even need a key to start the car once you're behind the wheel – a start button takes care of the ignition instead. The comfortable seats are a dream to sink into, and you can make sure everyone is comfortable no matter the weather with tri-zone air-conditioning. The climate system reads the temperature outside and can adjust the cabin temperature according to your settings.

Even if you weren't considering buying a station wagon, you might be now. The Volkswagen Passat Wagon is a brilliant car, and the stately road presence will mean you look great while driving around. As far as functional cars go, you'd be lucky to find many better than the Volkswagen Passat Wagon. Head into the Peter Warren Automotive Volkswagen dealership in Sydney today for more information.