5 reasons to buy a used car from a dealership

April 9, 2019 11:00 am | Peter Warren

If you're on the market for a new set of wheels, but aren't ready to go the full mile for a brand new car, buying a used vehicle is a great decision.

There's often some risk when buying used cars, however. You might see a car listed on Gumtree, travel across the city to check it out and then discover it's hemorrhaging gas when it's on the road.

Opting to purchase a used car from a dealership, rather than privately, means you can enjoy a cheaper vehicle without the headaches and uncertainty. Let's discuss the many benefits of buying from a user car dealer.

1. You might save more money than you'd expect

You already know that used cars are cheaper than new ones, but there's more money to be saved than in just the purchase price. While a private seller may offer a lower price on a similar vehicle to one a dealer stocks, you can't be sure of the reason for that price. It's possible the car has undisclosed issues that mean the private seller simply wants to get rid of it – and you'll have to pay to fix it up down the line.

A used car from a dealership comes at a higher sticker price than a privately traded one, but you pay for transparency and quality. You can generally expect to pay for the car alone – with no nasty surprises around the bend.

Upgrading your car doesn't have to break the bank. Talk a dealer about used vehicles today.
Upgrading your car doesn't have to break the bank. Talk to a dealer about used vehicles today.

2. You're protected in the unlikely event something goes wrong

While your car will be in great condition, there's a fraction of a chance that any car, new or old, could have issues arise. The beauty of buying from a dealership is that these issues are generally covered by a warranty.

A car that's gone less than 160,000 kilometres or is less than 10 years old automatically reserves a statutory warranty. Under New South Wales law, this means your car dealer is required to repair any problems within three months, or 5,000 kilometres, of the date you purchased the car. Of course, this doesn't apply where the problems were the result of abuse.

Many dealers also offer insurance packages which can help you access a great level of protection should you choose it.

3. You can ask questions and get answers

Just because someone drives a car doesn't mean they know everything about it. A private seller might have spent five years with their car but still be unable to answer the questions you care about.

When you shop with a dealership, you're speaking to professionals. The sales people at a dealership make it their business to understand the cars inside and out. They'll be able to provide thorough documentation and automotive history.

Knowing your questions have been answered by an informed professional means you can rest assured you're getting the full picture of any car.

A sales person has all the knowledge you need to understand what your next car is offering.
A sales person has all the knowledge you need to understand what your next car is offering.

4. It's a one-stop shop

Sometimes you might not be sure what you want for your next car, or what you thought you wanted doesn't turn out to be all you dreamed of. When buying privately, this means you can end up wasting a lot of time travelling between sellers or browsing online.

By going straight to a dealership, you're cutting out all the searching in between. A sales person will be happy to talk you through your needs and paint a clear picture of what your next car should look like. They'll then point you to the best car for you. Think of the sales person as a collaborator – they'll work with you to reach the best outcome for you.

A dealership can also help you structure the purchase of your car appropriately, saving you the trip to the bank. Discuss dealer finance with your sales person to access a personalised car loan that can generally be approved within the next working day.

5. You can handle the sale of your previous car at the same time

If you're in the market for an upgrade, a dealership will be happy to help you dispose of your existing vehicle. Selling your car privately is just as much of a hassle as buying!

Talk to a sales person at the dealership about trading in your car. You'll often find that trade-ins can lead to attractive discounts on the car you'd like to buy. This goes doubly if your car is in good condition and is a desirable make and model. 

If not, you may still earn some credit toward your purchase and the process will probably be a lot easier than trying to sell an unserviceable vehicle online.

Buying a used car is a great way to upgrade your wheels without emptying your wallet. If you'd like to know more about buying used cars, or talk to a customer service representative about your next vehicle, get in touch with Peter Warren Automotive Direct today.