5 tips for maintaining your commercial vehicles

November 27, 2019 1:36 am | Peter Warren

As with your personal vehicle, there's a lot that goes into properly maintaining your commercial vehicles. They may put on many more kilometres per day than your own car, ute, SUV or van, and have to be treated accordingly to make sure they can handle all those kilometres.

Whether you have just one or two commercial vehicles for your business, or an entire fleet, the following tips will help you stay on top of maintenance:

1) Examine your tyres regularly

Because your car doesn't get nearly as much use as many commercial vehicles, you may not realise how much of a beating the latter's tyres take. Because of how many kilometres you put on those vehicles, the tyres – and many other things – will need to be swapped out far more often than you would with your own vehicle.

2) Monitor all fluids

Just like tyres, you're likely cycling through oil, transmission fluid and more at a quicker pace with a commercial vehicle, and as such you need to be more cognisant of when you start to run low. You may go months without an oil change in your personal vehicle – unless you drive quite a bit – but you can't afford to do the same with a company ute or SUV.

Change or refill your fluids regularly.
Change or refill your fluids regularly.

3) Keep an eye on corrosion

Everyone wants to keep their vehicles in good shape, and it's especially important for those owned by a business. For that reason, it's important to regularly examine those vehicles for signs of rust and corrosion, typically around the wheel wells and bottoms of doors. It's important to catch these issues early, and the risk all depends on the conditions your vehicles go through on a daily basis.

4) Don't idle for long periods of time

City driving is often an unavoidable part of ownership and it does a number on your vehicle through wear and tear on the engine, brakes and so on. However, another common issue that leads to that wear and tear – and which is extremely avoidable – is idling the engine. Even a few minutes will consume more fuel than you think, and over time it can lead to engine trouble.

Idling does more damage than you may realize.
Idling does more damage than you may realise.

5) Schedule frequent checks and tune-ups

For all these reasons and more, it's vital to make sure you bring your commercial vehicles in for scheduled maintenance on a regular basis.

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