How far can I travel between charges?

The range of an electric vehicle will vary depending on the size of the battery, temperature, driving speed, and other electrical features such as air conditioning. On average, you can expect at least 300km of range from your electric vehicle on a single charge.

​Can I buy a charger, what is the approximate cost and best practice?

It is common for electric vehicle owners to install a level 2 charger where they park their cars at home. Most charging stations are suitable whether you park your vehicle in the garage, or outdoors. The typical installation costs are around $1,000, however, some manufacturers will include this with the purchase of your vehicle. We recommend speaking with your sales representative about charger options for your vehicle. 

How long do batteries last?

EV batteries are built to last and can be expected to maintain efficiency for at least 10 years. After around a decade, EV batteries will typically remain functional, however, may diminish in capacity, meaning you may not get as far on a single charge. While electric vehicle batteries can be replaced, this is not something that you can expect to worry about until well into the future

What are my options for charging?

Level 1 AC Charging

A charging cable is typically supplied when you purchase an electric vehicle. These can be plugged into a standard wall socket, allowing you to charge your vehicle wherever there is a PowerPoint available. While convenient, this is the slowest charging-rate option available.

Level 2 AC Charging

This charging option is installed in home chargers and other places where owners may be parked for long periods of time.

DC Fast Charging

DC fast chargers or ‘Level 3’ chargers are the fastest charging option available. These are often located in short-term parking areas, however, aren’t as common as AC Chargers.

What is the charging time?

The time it takes to charge your electric vehicle will vary depending on the type of charger you are using, as well as your vehicles charging rate and battery capacity.

For AC Chargers (such as typical at home chargers), the charging time will typically be around 3-10 hours to full charge.

DC Chargers such as public charging stations typically have a much faster charging rate, with most capable of supplying around 80% of charge in under an hour.